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Soldering Stations

  • Each soldering station should have:
    • OKI/Metcal PS-900 Iron and Power supply
    • OKI/Metcal PS-900 Stand, sponge, and tip cleaner
    • A variety of suitable tips
    • Hot Air gun ebay
    • Solder sucker amazon
    • Cutting mat (for cutting, not soldering) amazon
    • Heat-proof soldering mat (for soldering, not cutting) amazon
    • Side cutters amazon
    • Wire strippers amazon
    • Anti-static tweezers amazon
    • Vaccuum pick-up tool amazon
    • Helping hands amazon amazon
    • Magnifying lamps amazon
    • Fan or Fume extractor farnell farnell
  • Additionally shared between them we should have:
    • Reflow oven
    • Desoldering gun amazon
    • PCB holder (Maybe one small, one large) amazon
    • Video microscope (direct to video, not via software) ebay
    • Solder paste dispenser ebay
    • Hot glue gun
    • A large whiteboard
    • Small screwdrivers and other misc tools
    • Trimmer tools (AKA 'pot twiddler' - like Vishay part number ACCTRITOB308-T000 )
    • Large and small crimping tools

Test Equipment

  • Digital Oscilloscope
  • Analogue Oscilloscope
  • Logic analyser (Maybe a few of the knockoff USB ones?) amazon probes
  • Affordable and adequate multimeters - M890G for introductory experimenter/beginner work, Vici VC99 for midrange tinkering. ebay
  • High accuracy bench multimeter - Solartron 7150 to be supplied by Nigle
  • Electronic DC Load
  • Small bench power supplies (100 watt) amazon
    • Not quite as powerful, but maybe consider this one? (amazon link) - it has a separate switch for applying power to the output so you can set the voltage/current before you turn on the load
  • Big bench power supply (Artag will return the Farnell used previously, or a smaller but less flexible one. Both 10A 30V max)
  • Bigger bench power supply - 60V 30A would be good
  • Signal/Function generator - KKMOON/FeelTech has pretty good reviews and good price and the slightly nicer FeelTech FY6600 has hackable/extendable options
  • Component tester
  • Plenty of hookup leads
    • 4mm (banana) to 4mm in 0.5 and 1m lengths
    • 4mm to crocs (or provide 4mm crocs to plug on the end of the leads)
    • miniature crocs to crocs
    • BNC to 4mm
    • BNC to miniature crocs
    • BNC to BNC