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TODO: Add a picture of the mop bucket/wringer unit and explain what a badass piece of hardware it is. Is it a 'Kentucky Mop Bucket and Wringer Unit'?

The Kentucky Mop has long been known and favoured for its great ability in picking up or laying down large amounts of liquid. These long tail mops provide maximum floor coverage. Standard Kentucky Mop Heads available in a choice of Cotton PY or Multi-Yarn, and in a choice of weights, 12oz, 16oz or 20oz. Our Kentucky Mops have a 50mm centre band as standard, for easy fitting to traditional metal or plastic Kentucky mop holders (sold separately).

So does 'Kentucky' just refer to the type of mop, or also the bucket style?

Also, where is "Mrs Mopp" these days? Did someone really take her to Paris?

Wonderful article! Much appreciated! SpikeUK 10:36, 9 October 2011 (UTC)

This article was so good that it inspired me to do some mopping. It was fun.