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Proposed floorplans

I'm concerned that the latest draft of new internal walls shows, on the ground floor, a new office directly in front of the inner lift door. As the way to get long items (eg 3m lengths of wood) into the space is by opening both sets of lift doors and going straight through that this wall would prevent any possibility of then turning the item. Rethink?

AlisonW ^^

The above is Null and void. The lift is on a raised loading bay. Stuff like 3m lengths of wood will come via the roller shutter door. (tgreer)

Vacuum Radiology lab/clean(ish)room?

There was some fair interest in combining the vacuum physics and radiation metrology projects into one room, and a reasonable suggestion from the biohackers that it be beside/nearby the biohackers room due to mutual needs for general cleanliness as well as some possible project overlaps, but not in the same room due to humidity, materials and differing safety requirements. Would need to hold the vac-station, worktop/bench and 19" racking, plus manuvering space. Partitioning off half of the depth of the room beside the lift would seem just enough. Could have the dark-room to the rear with a thru-door from the VRL up front?