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Re: kitchen sink - what's the expectation regarding it's adoption? Unclog? Keep clean? Report any damage?

It's what you make it. The general idea is, keep things working well.

So what does it take to make sure that any time someone wants to use the sink, it'll provide them with a deeply satisfying experience ?

If you want to be exhaustive (and I'm not saying you have to, it's up to you how far you go), this might mean looking into :

  • Does it have a plug ?
  • Does the hot water work ?
  • Does it still work after you've refilled it twice ?
  • Is there space to put washed dishes in the rack ?
  • If it gets blocked, is there a plunger to unblock it with ?
  • Who will unblock it ?
  • Is there a dishcloth that's hygienic ?
  • Is there a pan scrubber ?
  • Is it full of unwashed dishes ?
  • Who should clean the dishes ?

Some of these can be solved once and more or less stay solved. Some need occasional attention. Some need almost constant attention.

You choose.