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Ive just got an email about storage saying Hackspace is moving next year (2018). But I cannot find the earlier email referred to saying where Hackspace is moving to. Can anyone point me to the details of what is happening? Thanks

" Dear graham,

Member Storage

As everyone knows, we are in the process of moving. As describe in a previous ML post (July 27th), we need to clear out members storage and all stored projects.

All personal storage (members boxes) and stored projects MUST be removed by the 1st January 2018, any items not picked up by this date will end up in the skip (literally) regardless of their value. Non-hackspace owned property will not be moved to the new location.

Any storage requests that overrun this date will end on January 1st 2018, no extensions will be given for any reason, nor will any new storage requests be accepted. Members with large, long-term projects need to start looking for alternate accomodation asap.

We have been having trouble sourcing a new location and there is a very good chance we will have to downsize to remain in a viable location.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Regards The London Hackspace Trustees "

Jay: I must say this came as a surprise to me also, but looking through the google group I found this: [1]

Turns out our lease isn't being renewed and it's up in March, it doesn't look like there's any firm plan on where we're going yet though :S

There have been numerous threads regarding this over the last 3 months or so, plus considerable discussion on IRC. Here are some of the threads:

The hunt for a new premises is still ongoing.