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We are a group of art enthusiasts that learn and practice at the London Hackspace.Every Friday between 7-10pm.

It is an art workshop for people interested in learning and practicing art.We meet every Friday evening at 7pm in the craft area.On workshop nights we learn about art mediums and the techniques that enable their proper use.

Mediums Covered

Dry mediums

   Graphite: Charcoal
   Pastels:  Soft
   Colour pencils: Water Soluble
                   Oil based

Wet Mediums

   Water Colour

Materials and equipment

We have all the materials for the mediums covered.However it is required you bring you own as there is a £5 charge if you want to be provided with all the materials for a class.

How to attend a workshop

Join the [1]. Here is we ask questions,discuss and plan things. You will receive updates through here.

Visit the workshop blog - To see what we did in the last workshop incase you need to get materials beforehand