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Augment me!


The idea is to augment a bass guitar to

  1. extend the range of sounds it can make
  2. control realtime effects with it.

Goal 1: Drum triggering

Triggering drum sounds while playing. For example, having low-pitched notes trigger kick-drum sounds and high pitched ones trigger snare-drum sounds.

Goal 2: Control via inclination

Making the neck's inclination control an effect. For example, tilting it up increases a reverb's room size.


  • A cheap Cort bass, doesn't sound too good but looks pretty.
  • Contact microphones.
  • Accelerometers.

Interested parties (add yourself)

Prior art


November 3rd

  • Bass and contact microphones brought to Hackspace.
  • Brainstorming.

November 10th

  • Affixed contact microphones to bucket bass (thanks Billy!)
  • Affixed contact microphones to electric bass
  • Experimented with different microphone locations
  • Experimented with different modulations (wah-wah, band pass with very high Q, different reverbs)