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Waste handling at Ujima House

Any waste generated at the Hackspace will need to be handled, and handling waste costs us all real money. Unlike your home recycling collections, commercial waste is not covered by Council Tax or Business rates.

  • Reduce : Don't bring rubbish to the space; by all means bring stuff that you think other people can repurpose and reinvent. If it's likely to be of no use to anyone at the space, don't bring it here. If it's something you might find a use for at home afterwards, bring it home with you.
  • Re-use : The three-week bins are on the 1st floor under the table in the light duty workshop area. If something is interesting, or vaguely useful, put it in the three week bin. Someone may find a use for it. It might be re-purposed or re-invented. After three weeks, it'll probably end up in the normal waste streams.
  • Recycle : In the yard, there is a blue dry-recycling bin. This accepts paper, cardboard, plastic packaging (not plastic film). Not food waste.
    • The building landlord (Meanwhile Space) provide dry recycling bins in the lobby areas, and general waste bins.
    • We have a limited number of rather expensive recycling '1st Mile' recycling bags. These are provided by Meanwhile Space, and can be left out on the street after 18:00 for collection any day of the week.

We also have our own commercial bins, located in the car park. They have lockable lids to prevent fly tipping by others. The bin key is hanging in the metalwork shop above the sink.


  • Recycling bin, paper, cardboard, polystyrene, dry plastics, cans. NO GLASS.
  • Landfill bin, for sawdust, and the like. No batteries, no liquids, no E-Waste, no Japanese knotweed, no needles, no clinical waste, no sharps.