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induction outline

  • tool locker - please keep sharpen and clean. report any breakage.
  • locker code
  • introduction to each tool
    • planes
    • chisels
    • tenor saws
    • mitre block
    • sharpening stone
    • misc
  • stickers: ours and loaners
  • online resources
    • forum
    • websites /
    • youtube (paul sellers)
    • pledges
    • storage boxes
    • woodpiles (woodrack)
  • any other question


  • anatomy - p120 of collins
  • sharpening - p134 of collins or paul sellers
  • check grain - nicks or catching is probably an indicator of wrong planing wrong way
  • with nose facing you, turn anti-clockwise for more blade.

failed dovetail

  • make sure your pencil is sharp
  • cut inside of the pencil mark otherwise there will be a gap between the joints
  • mark the faces that you are measuring against
  • if you are cutting the wood to make the join always use a t-square to get a true line
  • when you have cut the first joint and use it as a template, mark out the bits you need to cut out otherwise you'll find you cut out the wrong bits.
  • try not to be paul and use a chisel the first time around to cut out the joints. you'll not get the line straight otherwise