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work in progress, to be vetted by cepmenderer who gave me the safety induction.

Safety mantra

  • be at the centre of the machine that means you need good clearance to the left and right of you.
  • you want full control, if you're having to contort you're doing it wrong
  • get helpers to feed and pull the wood if it's very long
  • always feed the wood from right to left
  • make sure no one is on the right of you (in case you forget the previous step and the wood comes flying out that way)
  • safety gear: googles, ears and maybe a lab coat to stay tidy


  • ALWAYS unplug the router from the drill to the kill switch (it'll save you having to go back and forth to the mains)
  • ALWAYS unplug socket between the router and kill switch.
  • choose your bit
  • remove the circular guard above the spindle (photo)
  • blow to clear any dust otherwise your bit won't be on straight
  • there's a push switch to the right of the drill (assuming you're still in front of the machine)
  • use a 17mm bit to tighten the bit (clockwise)
  • you usually just want one quarter turn to tighten
  • there's a butterfly nut next to the top left corner of the drill that adjusts the height (router lift), occasionally the vibrations when cutting will cause the drill to drop. just keep tightening till it stops.
  • spin the bit, you want to moving smoothly and not catching on the fence.
  • when using this equipment everything is about control and stability. if one of the legs is wonky, make a wedge.


  • put your googles and ear protectors on
  • switch the router on. never start with wood by the bit, it'll just piss the router off.
  • move the wood along the fence, pressing down and towards the fence.
  • listen to the sounds the router makes, when it doubt go slower.
  • if the wood stops moving, you probably got caught in one of the may guides on the routing table. lift the wood slightly.
  • if you're doing an edge/corner go slower on the exit, otherwise you might catch a bit of the wood at the edge and end up with a raggy edge.
  • practice using different drill bits and height, but always remember

ALWAYS unplug socket between the router and kill switch.

=== How to use the other tools

  • Using the yellow guide things to keep all your digits
  • The protractor thing to route wood at 90deg

== Finishing

  • ALWAYS unplug socket between the router and kill switch.
  • clean off any dust

== Tips for finishes


  • bit
  • jigs
  • fence
  • stand
  • what do you call those things that save your fingers? (yellow and fit on the fence)
  • what do you call those things that left you cut at a 90 deg angle? protractors?