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I'm one of the biologists who's keen to get Biohacking / DIYBio up and running at the hackspace. If you have a project idea or don't know any biology but want to join an existing project, get in touch!

My work background is in molecular biology, with a focus on viruses, cancer and gene therapy. I'm happy to geek out about this stuff if anyone wants to learn.

I want to learn electronics - basic circuit building and using arduinos. I'll swap beer for lessons!

I always have too many concurrent hobbies and projects. At the moment I'm using the hackspace to finish a clockwork clock, make a couple of lasercut arty things and knit. I like toys that fly, so I plan to build some more kites before the summer comes. I'll appreciate help or collaboration on any of the above!

I'm trying to brew Mead in my flat.

I can be contacted at