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I are an Geek, Oh yes. For my filthy lucre I write those nasty video games that the daily mail hate so much and everyone else likes.

For fun I make devices ranging from the foolish to the insane, mostly out of scrap and otherwise thrown away things.

Occasionaly I get a commision to make a film, TV, or LARP prop, sometimes I have to say "erm, no, that would kill you"

I don't like making sculptures. If I make a thing that looks like a gun, you can bet that it goes bang.

Or Zap!


Or "oh, it's not supposed to do that, RUN!"


  • MicroRobotics
  • Scavenging -> Rebuilding
  • Steampunk devices that actualy _work_ rather than just look pretty.
  • Low energy electronics / BEAM
  • Appropriate technology
  • Medieval siege weapons
  • Game theory
  • Hugs and Kisses.



  • Visible light laser communicator headsets for use in loud clubs.
  • Another prettier "thingy" so that people will use it more.

Done in the space

  • A "thingy" to eat up the last ergs from the box of dead batteries.