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IoT Hacking for Humanitarian Efforts

In conjunction with the London Java Community and others, this project is aimed at creating the Internet of Things answer to the clockwork radio. The idea being to get more of the world access to the Internet. This comprises of using IoT devices both as cheap affordable and low power computers as well as being able to create an Internet HotSpot router to share connectivity with other uses. This technology could be used in a crisis around the world making internet access available in a location assuming no existing infrastructure. These devices should be able to operate without requiring access to power infrastructure by using such things as solar panels or mechanical dynamo power generation systems.

The connectivity is intended to be satellite based for access in the most remote places however this could be prohibitively expensive. The alternative would be to fall back and use various cellular networks.

The London Java User Group among others is intended to focus on the software aspects of this effort. London Hackspace would be used for the hardware prototyping.