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I'm ciborg, a profoundly deaf member of the London Hackspace. I've been a LHS member for 4 years and a trustee for 1 year so far. I’m passionate about technology, community and inclusiveness.

In my spare time I was a co-opted video communications consultant for a deaf charity for over a decade, and advised on leveraging the most out of technology, especially text and video relay communications.

I was also a technical volunteer / Games Maker working closely with Omega in the timing & scoring team during the London 2012 Paralympics. This truly opened my eyes to how a wider cross-section of society can participate - if there is sufficient access.

Personal interests include:

  • Assistive technology for disabled people
  • Media accessibility for disabled people
  • Captioning / subtitling
  • Rapid prototyping
  • VJ'ing & producing material for VJ'ing
  • Sound to light eyecandy / representing music visually
  • Software automation via scripting
  • eLearning authoring
  • Travelling