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  • Studying Music Computing at Goldsmiths
  • Mostly doing software, but looking into making Arduino based instruments

Me on the Web

  • codeoclock on freenode
  • hugh [at] codeoclock [dot] net

I have two blogs, one for write-ups of hacks I've done, and one for general thoughts on tech.

Things I've got for sale

  • 2008 2.66Ghz Macbook Pro, 4gb RAM.
  • 2006 Epiphone Explorer guitar.
  • A couple of switches.

Things I've got for free

  • A small collection of really cool old looking voltmeters and ammeters and the like. I think they're working, but I haven't tested them.

Projects I'd like to do

Raspberry Pi Colo

I'd like to set up a small cupboard or the like as a place for members to connect up their Raspberry Pis and use them as servers for bits and bobs. I don't know exactly how many people would be interested, but if this sounds like you, get in touch on IRC.

Minecraft Server

I would very much like to start an LHS Minecraft server, I think it'd be quite fun. I'm looking into hacking up an API similar to that in Minecraft: Pi Edition.

Projects I have done

For now, the best way to see a lot of what I've done is to check my Github page.


Yes, I'm a bit Minecraft obsessed at the moment, but it is pretty fun in fairness. I made a python script using the Minecraft: Pi Edition API and a QR Code library to automatically build fecking huge QR codes in Minecraft.

Here's a picture of the results

[1]'s the link to the project on GitHub.

Subveillance - A Subtractive Software Synthesizer in Processing

I made a synth. It works, which is a plus, but it needs a bit more work *cough*writing in a decent language*cough*. [2]'s a link. If the mood takes you, I'd very much welcome a pull request.