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  • EEE PC Bot
  • I2C bus tinkering - with Arduino, Lego Mindstorms Sensors, any i2c device I can get my hands on.


Other subjects:

  • USB - Looking at DFU prgramming AVR's, having succesfully done so with the 8u2 on the Arduino UNO
  • General interest in all things microcontorller
  • Interest in Microfabrication/home manufacture, and in open source hardware

Stuff I know (that might help out others):

  • HUge exeperience in Open Source software - especially Linux/unix
  • CI and testing stuff - HUdsn/Jenkins, unit testing
  • Coding - Python, Ruby, C, C++, JS, AS, PHP

Stuff I want to improve:

  • Need to improve soldering - specifically stuff like drag soldering and surface mount.
  • Making PCBs and etching, although I have a personal goal to replace etching processes with some simpler microfab device one day.
  • Electronics - interfacing , buses, microcontrollers.

Longer term Goals:


  • Can't get to the hackspace as much as I'd like - probably less than once a month at the moment. Still on the mailing list and will pop along from time to time.