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heavyset italian from Germany and Belgium in an Irish-English household. Addictive and inquisitive personality, interested in everything techie and gadgety



Technical Sales for an IT Megacorporation- Network Management (enhanced FCAPS model)


Passionate about my family (Wife + Daughter), Inter Milan and vacations in Italy and Ireland



Raspberry Pi:

3D Printing:

  • Some version of RepRap Prusa Air or PrintrBot
  • very early stages... just ordered 5 NEMA 17 motors; bought threaded M8 rods, bolts and washers and continuing to scour for parts

Android Hacking:

  • Advent Vega running Jelly Bean
  • Ainol Aurora 2 and MK802 running ICS
  • ARM-powered cheapo Ultrabook
  • Motorola Atrix still on 2.3


  • Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, RedHat, etc. on a number of PCs, laptops and embedded platforms

Home Networking:

  • Ever-changing home network layout monitored by Cacti (QoS, Rflow, etc.)
  • PoE powering of WiFi Router, 8-port gB switch, IP Webcam
  • RasPi XBMC Media Player (Openelec)
  • Download/Media headless mini server(SabNZBD+, MediaTomb, xRDP, etc.)

et Cetera

       STEM Ambassador and Codeclub Volunteer
       Languages: italian, french, english and german
       Classic Sci-Fi literature
       Indie Comics, Mecha Anime
       and... pizza!!!