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Colin Rowat,

I am currently working on:

I have:

  • two Raspberry Pi's, less the C6 capacitor (if we received the second on 28 June, do we have a Raspberry Tau?)
  • a Zeo Personal Sleep Coach
  • a Suunto t3 heart rate monitor, with chest strap and watch
  • a Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 set and First LEGO League Challenge 2011 kit
  • a ZX81 (somewhere?) with 16k of RAM, and an HP-15C
  • an Arduino Uno R3 starter kit from Earthshine Electronics
  • a Kindle
  • a bunch of old mobile phones (including a SE K608i, a k800i, and a Nokia E90)
  • a pair of intact but dysfunctional Realistic TRC-201 GRS transceivers (walkie-talkies)
  • a 110 litre tropical fishtank
  • a Go and a Mancala board
  • a vintage Air Zound rechargeable signal horn
  • a Catwatch ultrasonic cat deterrent
  • a Sony CRX1600L (wired for North America)
  • an AlcoSense Elite digital breathalyser
  • an article in Adbusters
  • three children with Y2K-compliant incept dates (Do Not Hack)
  • one red paperclip (more precisely, I know someone who's willing to trade his)
  • a Sony DCR-TRV33E mini DV Digital Handycam whose video is shot (centre heads gone?), and probably some cassettes for it
  • 3/4* round(Bachelor of Industrial Design) = 0

I know how to:

  • pick a two-pin lock
  • write in LaTeX, most enjoyably Till Tantau's PGF/TikZ and Ulrike Fischer's chessboard and xskak

I would like to:

  • help my children engrave their names on their Haipad M7/Herotab C8/Dropad A8 tablets, and perhaps even repair the screen on one of them
  • hack my Zeo so that it can indicate how well rested I am, not just how well I'm sleeping (ideas here and here; project placer here)
  • hack my Kindle so that it can do whatever a Linux box should be able to do
  • code up the Black-Scholes option pricing formula in an esoteric programming language to add to Espen Haug's list
  • build a roving aquatic cam-bot for our aquarium (heros: Cambridge's coffee cam and Liquid Robotics' PacX Wave Gliders)
  • unlock my Desire HD so that I can use a foreign SIM card in it when travelling
  • find a good use for my domain
  • make an A3 e-paper device linked to Google Calendar for our kitchen
  • help start a Lego WeDo/Mindstorms club (would it be interesting to think about minimal hardware platform for their IDEs?)
  • convert a couple of PandoraBots into local RebeccaAIML entities
  • open source the Arkel's discontinued Samurai panniers

I have sourced Blinkybug components almost entirely from London shops: