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Steve Ganly @ganly


  • Self taught 6502 assembler on a vic20 aged 12 in 1980 (yep - one of those...), had a few games released in the 1980's micro boom on the Commodore 64
  • BSc degree in Computer Science graduating in 1990
  • Founded an IT consultancy and grew it to 44 people servicing merchant banks setting up and maintaining large networks of Unix systems
  • Long time Perl Hacker, been working with Ruby on Rails since about 2007


  • Learned basic wood and metalworking as a child, did O'Levels in Technical Drawing and something called Modular Technology
  • Last 5 years re-examining things from the ground up - doing some fine woodworking and accurate metalwork on lathes and mills
  • Big time automation fan - CNC using Mach3


  • Get a deeper understanding of electronics - I'm still not happy with my mental model of semiconductors at the molecular level and that bothers me
  • Improve the CNC facilities of the Hackspace
  • Welding - have done arc welding but not mig. Want to try welding aluminium and also learn brazing.
  • Want to learn about the care and feeding of liquid nitrogen
  • Want to learn more about resin casting
  • Want to try powder coating to finish parts
  • Want to try anodising aluminium to finish parts
  • Learn to work with glass - like this

Project plans and speculative ideas

  • Do some Dust Extraction Experiments, hopefully ending in one or more useable dust collectors/separators
  • Build a bunch of CNC machines for the Hackspace
 * Practise bot - to learn about gcode, movement, how to crash, how to fix
 * medium accuracy A4 size mill - for pretty accurate wood and plastic
 * mini mill CNC converstion - for metals. As accurate as the base mill
 * super accurate mill - for isolation routing of fine PCB, for making moulds for fine pitch resin cast gears and similar parts. Fairly small - less than A4 size
 * medium size plasma cutter - for Steel plate and various stock up to 20mm (depends on the plasma torch). Bed about 1m square - like this used by Keith Fenner
 * large full size sheet mill - able to cut 1400 x 2400 sheet goods. 1/2" router based plus dedicated dust collection
 * various 4th axis devices - rotary tables, etc.
  • Build a decent aquaponics system
  • Solar powered lawn munching swarm of robots
  • Scratch built radio controlled hovercraft
  • Make some ferrofluid for the space and do some films of it's properties
  • Make a 1D sliding saw tool
  • Make a 2D sliding router tool (guides like CNC but manually set)
  • Experiments with router height adjustment mechanisms
  • Maybe make a wooden bandsaw like Mathias Wandel's
  • Test making different gear types in the space, do some how-to videos for the available tool chains
  • Learn about welding and brazing
  • Try out some metal casting - Aluminium and maybe brass
  • Build a chalk drawing robot
  • Do some experiments with quadcopters and tricopters
  • Wind powered compost assist
  • Horizontal router table, like this:
  • Make some wooden tools - like these
 * wooden bar clamps:
 * deep wooden c clamp:
 * wooden edge clamps:
 * Luthier clamps:
 * 1" belt sander: