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I'm JJ but also answer to John Johnson, G6VZM and when/where it's a lot warmer 9H4JJ.

My primary involvement with LHS is assisting with the ham radio exam courses but I've been known to turn up to lockpickers or to use the lasercutter (I'm trained), and often appear over people's shoulders when they're playing with LED strips and SBCs.

At home I have a Prusa/Mendel A602 style 3D printer, along with more Arduino boards, random SBCs, LED strips and peripherals than you can shake a stick at, much of it sitting on the 'solutions looking for problems' shelf.

By day I'm a freelance IT consultant specialising in MS SQL Server, managing 50-200 seat Windows networks, Office 365 and stuff - a long way from the PDP-11s I cut my teeth on.

You'll find me on the LHS and LHS-Radio IRC channels as "g6vzm".