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James Brown

James Brown MEng FRSA


  • Peripatetic social entrepreneur, appropriate technology engineer with a passion for developing new things and ways of doing that improve lives
  • Founding director of [Red Button Design]


  • Product design
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Appropriate technology
  • Social enterprise (Product R&D, Finance, Project management)
  • International development (Ran a 5 month project in Sierra Leone)
  • Water and sanitation engineering
  • Disaster response (Shelter provision, training and policy)
  • Photography

Currently working on

Future plans

  • Nanode based remote sensors & pachube
  • Solar (non-pv) powered irrigation system
  • Low cost/power cold-chain logistics refrigeration
  • Water quality testing/lab in a box
  • Open-source shelter module and infrastructure for displaced communities

Interested in exploring

  • Crowd-sourced data mining/emergent intelligence
  • Rapid prototyping/manufacture
  • Community resilience/open governance
  • Green tech/sustainable living/permaculture
  • Digital appropriate technology
  • Physical computing languages
  • Film making
  • French
  • Bushcraft/Survival