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Hi. I'm James.

I'm a student, and in my spare time I work as web application consultant. I'm studying computer science at Royal Holloway, University of London. I have interests in flight, genetic and adaptive algorithms, neural networks, theatrical lighting and sound, and live audio engineering.

My blog and personal web page can be found here, which includes write-ups of some of my spare-time projects. The contact page on my blog also lists ways to get in touch with me, though for hackspace I'm in the hackspace IRC.

I don't tend to be at the hackspace often on account of distance (I live in Oxfordshire most of the time, Egham when I'm at uni- 2 hours journey time in either case) but I tend to do a lot of hacking at home; I've got a fairly well-stocked personal collection and too much time.

Projects, Current and Past

  • StudioMonitor - Computer vision system for monitoring attendance in a radio station studio
  • StationManager - Software bundle for managing a radio station
  • StudioManager - Software/hardware package for integration of mixing consoles with GPIO on computers as well as hardware devices and database logging
  • Drone4 (working title) - Quad-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle for aerial photography and other $stuff
  • PoliticsPosters - Poster generation for the 2010 General Election
  • EVE Metrics - EVE Online market data aggregation and analysis
  • ISKsense - EVE Online website advertising using ingame currency


  • Programming languages - Ruby, Python, PHP (if I have to), C, XC
  • Hardware/Protocols - Arduino, basic electronics, theatrical lighting, DMX, OSC, audio engineering
  • Databases - PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, memcached
  • Graphics - Basic 2D and 3D
  • Web Programming and other Stuff - HTML, CSS, Haml, Sass, Ruby on Rails, Django, Sinatra, nothing Microsoft, nothing Flash
  • Also, I can wield a soldering iron without killing people most of the time, but no promises.