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Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut. I work for Focusrite and Novation as an Innovation manager.

I'm passionated about music controllers, practices and performance. I manage the twitter account and the music hackspace mailing list.

Music Software

  • I have started with Max/MSP and Pro Tools Free in 2001, learning electroacoustic music at the GRM.
  • I can program with Pure Data, a little with SuperCollider.

My Programming Languages

  • C, C++, Objective-C, but not for a living anymore
  • Processing
  • OpenFrameworks
  • Arduino (beginner)
  • Java I did a program called the Music Sketcher in Java. But the sound API is terrible.

Music Hackspace Projects I Participate In

  • Augmented instruments
  • Embedded Audio / audio uniware
  • Collaborative music / online jamming
  • OSC devices (Internet of Things)
  • New machine musicianship / controllerism

I'd like to Collaborate/Give a hand with...

  • Setting up the space, organising meet ups, inviting speakers
  • Help others achieve great projects

My Traditional Instruments

I play these:

  • Bass guitar
  • Guitar
  • Piano

All quite badly

Things that inspire me

  • Interactive architecture
  • Cinema, literature and poetry

My Websites/Projects