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Hello, I'm John. I have a degree in Physics & Music, and an Msc in Computing (was a conversion course). For my dissertation I wrote a pitchshifting VST plugin with Java. I generally get pretty excited about the prospect of making cool music-y stuff with code/technology.

My Music Software

At the moment I predominantly use Ableton Live for playing around with music ideas.

My Music Hardware

Just some very cheap microphones and a pretty cheap usb sound card at the moment. Also a few other midi bits and pieces. Have played around with an arduino a bit, specifically using it as a usb midi instrument.

My Programming Languages

I code in Java during my working day, so am pretty comfortable with that. Have dipped into a few other languages at various points, but am pretty keen to get more familiar with C/C++.

Music Hackspace Projects I Participate In

None yet.

I'd like to Collaborate/Give a hand with...

Anything really. Would like to help out with lots of different stuff and then get more involved in the stuff I like best.

My Traditional Instruments

I play these:

  • Trumpet
  • Guitar

My Websites/Projects

Nothing that I'm yet willing to share.