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I'm passionate about electronics and robotics and wish I had more time to indulge my hobby and tinker. However I have a very demanding job in IT for a large global digital agency so my tinkering is banished to weekends and late nights.

My dad was an engineer and I had a ZX81 when I was 11 which jump started my interest in electronics, which I then studied Electronics at Southampton University in the late 80's and loved it. I ended up with a career in web development, but I would have loved to have worked for a large robotics company.

I built robots for various school and university projects and this continues as a hobby.

I currently have a small collection of home built and bought robots, including a 3Pi, a scratch build two wheel balancing robot, an antique 6DoF hydraulic arm and a RoboNova biped. I'm also in to Arduino and Raspberry Pi and tinker with various other projects based around AVR microcontrollers.

I also have a fascination for lasers and have built a number of laser projectors, with various levels of success.

I've started a blog :

Contact me at : LHS (at)