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A short list of perceived LHS problems people currently complain about at the Hackspace.

Let's not discuss details yet but merely collect opinions. It's also not important whether a particular complaint is correct/justified or not, we can discuss that later.

We don't necessarily need to address all of these, but they'll help us pick a few good starting points.

(It's fine to be quite evocative in your phrasing)

Martind 18:39, 13 October 2012 (UTC)

Current (Perceived) Problems

  • Tidiness: the space is a mess
  • Too many people: no space to work
  • Desks occupied by laptops whose owner is actually elsewhere in space (eg workshop)
  • What space there is, is cramped with forgotten and half-finished projects or unused supplies
  • Tools are always broken (and: people use tools without knowing how to do it properly)
  • People don't return keys for tool access control
  • Too many half-finished jobs (infrastructure, projects)
  • Misuse of DNH stickers (not providing enough information; forgetting to also inform the mailing list.)
  • People stopped making things and just hang out
    • People dont hang out and just sit running start-up companies and treating the space like a cheap co-working area
  • Reigning in use of excessive space has restricted our most ambitious makers
  • Our online social spaces are poisoned by trolls
  • Our online social spaces are poisoned by people who take those who disagree with them as trolls
  • Front door always open: weak distinction of members/non-members (security/safety problems.)
  • Closed groups starting to form, less inclusive of larger membership
  • People don't try to find out how to use thing properly
  • When people ask for help in training on tools, it often isn't practically available
  • A culture of leaving tools (and: glasses, pans, paper, monitors) where someone finished their job
  • Teenage locker-room humour and wall 'decorations'
  • Bravado in tool use
  • Safety warnings from people who don't understand useage (cf: H&S one-size-fits-all rules vs. intelligent use)
  • An enthusiasm for destruction (eg balconise) rather than repair
  • A tendency for repairs, when done, to be done incompletely (too much nails and gaffer tape)
  • Very difficult to clean & tidy kitchen, because of unsealed surfaces and peculiar storage spaces
  • kitchen used to melt bacon fat rather than cook good food
  • Impatience with other people's projects
  • A culture of members being unable to voice concerns about the space or use thereof without being shouted down as a troll, drama whore, fascist or whinger. (This page is a fantastic start.)
  • Long standing members either being outside the rules that govern everyone else or actively and vocally encouraging new members to disregard them as "thats how the Hackspace works".
  • Troublemakers aren't being punished rapidly enough or frequently enough. ENFORCE THE DAMNED RULES, STOP BIKESHEDDING WITH A WIKI PAGE :P
  • A culture of attempting to solve social/people issues with technology
  • People are not told No. enough times or firmly enough.
  • People fail to report wrong things/people/deeds to the Trustees - Trustees are not omnipresent in the Space. They are not psychic. They are not mindreaders. The webcams are fuzzy. We need people to have the balls to complain.
  • Workshop sink filthy with paint. half-full cans crowded into every cranny. full draining-board

Would be Nice

Use this section to describe things you wish the space had. Do not use it to suggest solutions for the list above. In order to avoid bikeshedding, solutions shouldn't be proposed until a definitive list of problems is agreed.

  • A (maintained) London Hackspace manual
  • A welcome email with links/instructions
  • An effective way of finding out who to ask for help
  • A clearer distinction between non-paying visitors/guests and members.
  • If every piece of equipment had a clear owner (or owning group) who looked after it and provided training etc.
  • A clear online process for all members to submit proposals + voting system
  • Access to expensive / fragile tools by member's RFID card
  • Key documentation from the wiki with QR code links displayed on the walls near machines
  • LED notification board in the workshop displaying status of each machine