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We had a big clean-out of the workshop on 2/11/2011.

The messiest the workshop should look when there's nobody in it. Another view

We'd really rather not do this again (see Faceplant and Rules), so I also propose some items to be thrown out by Tuesday 22/11/2011 (see below).


1. Giant satellite dish, without horn. This was kept on the balcony until cleared for fire safety.
Junked 2011-11-02 19.57.59.jpg
2. Small satellite dish with arm. As previous. #OccupyLSX expressed an interest, but didn't turn up in two weeks.
Junked 2011-11-02 19.58.09.jpg
3. Broken fan. This was next to the 3-week box, and we've got plenty more.
Junked 2011-11-02 19.58.16.jpg
4. Blades from this fan
Junked 2011-11-02 20.04.16.jpg
5. Colour Lexmark printer.
Junked 2011-11-02 19.58.23.jpg
6. Large box of stretchy red fabric.
Junked 2011-11-02 19.59.41.jpg
7. Broken coffee machine and someone's attempt to mount a printer in a wooden box.
Junked 2011-11-02 20.04.04.jpg
8. Crappy old car vacuum cleaner
Junked 2011-11-02 20.04.30.jpg
9. Base for car vacuum cleaner
Junked 2011-11-02 20.04.43.jpg
10. Shonky old power drill
Junked 2011-11-02 20.05.37.jpg
11. Screen protectors. We're not in the 90's any more, Toto.
Junked 2011-11-02 20.05.46.jpg
12. Parts from a CRT
Junked 2011-11-02 20.07.26.jpg
13. Case for some set-top box
Junked 2011-11-02 20.08.44.jpg
14. Case for some rack-mount thing
Junked 2011-11-02 20.29.23.jpg
15. A door to nowhere
Junked 2011-11-02 20.09.32.jpg
16. Broken strip heater
Junked 2011-11-02 20.13.41.jpg
17. A very broken light fixture
Junked 2011-11-02 20.15.20.jpg
18. Another broken lamp and shade
Junked 2011-11-02 20.17.55.jpg
19. Yet another broken light fixture
Junked 2011-11-02 20.20.15.jpg
20. Broken hoover handle
Junked 2011-11-02 20.18.51.jpg
21. Legless tables
Junked 2011-11-02 20.21.20.jpg
22. Old barbecue
Junked 2011-11-02 20.34.43.jpg
23. A broken metal rail guide and what seems to be a plastic planter
Junked 2011-11-02 22.00.07.jpg
24. Lego experiment
Junked 2011-11-02 22.24.43.jpg
25. Single glove, and some jumble sale toys
Junked 2011-11-02 20.05.25.jpg
26. Blades from another fan, floppy drive, and more random junk
Junked 2011-11-02 20.05.57.jpg
27. Hard drive caddies, air horn, telephone cable and junk
Junked 2011-11-02 20.06.41.jpg
28. Box of old door locks, some warped wood, box of batteries, bacon, egg and junk
Junk pile 2011-11-02 21.11.20.jpg
29. A hoover labelled "does not work", various packaging material
Junk pile 2011-11-02 21.54.07.jpg
30. A PIECE OF WOOD labelled "Do not hack"
Junked 2011-11-02 22.17.05.jpg

Everything was put in the recycling or waste bins in the car park as appropriate.

Things to get rid of

1. A load of trolleys. I know the red one is Nigel's and the bike trolley is Billy's. Do we really need all of these? Riot trolley to be kept, red trolley to be stored for Nigel, black trolley to offered up.
Kept 2011-11-02 20.00.48.jpg
Kept 2011-11-02 20.00.56.jpg
2. Projector stand, on long-term loan from PaulR. We now have a ceiling mount in the quiet room.
Kept 2011-11-02 20.14.04.jpg
3. Some wombled bike frames. This is in addition to all the stuff hanging up in the "bike workshop". (note from atom - can this stuff be held onto for me? going to be building a lot of bike generators and this would really help, thanks)
Kept 2011-11-02 20.14.33.jpg
4. An apparently working lamp. Did someone empty a lighting shop?
Kept 2011-11-02 20.16.51.jpg
5. A shoe, kept because someone might have the pair.
Kept 2011-11-02 20.24.41.jpg
6. Strip heaters. Artag suggests the elements can be recovered and used. Will be stripped down (possibly by Sci, Nigle, Artag or Hipster) for vac forming.
Kept 2011-11-02 20.31.56.jpg
7. Wooden speaker boxes. These have a "do not hack" sticker, but are pretty big. Last minute reprieve after email from Amit.
Kept 2011-11-02 20.49.29.jpg
8. Some large speakers with a "do not hack" sticker that expired 12th July. Last minute reprieve after email from Amit.
Kept 2011-11-02 21.02.20.jpg
Kept 2011-11-02 21.02.52.jpg
9. A wooden sword and cardboard armour, probably from Halloween
Kept 2011-11-20 13.39.40.jpg
10. A blue compressed gas cylinder, which appeared on the balcony (no picture)

Please mail the list as soon as possible if you have a good reason for these items to be taking up space.