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Real name: Faraz Sayed

Twitter: nanoBorg88

Blog: Mental adventures of nanoBorg88

Youtube: Mental Adventures of nanoBorg88

What I'm working on

I joined the Hackspace at the end of May 2013 and interested in lots of stuff to do with science and electronics.

I know the graphical programming language Processing, I love making sketched on the phone app while on the tube. I have a cool animation maker I had developed using processing that you can get here but first check out the demo video here

I attend the Not Just Arduino meetings whenever I can. I am a repair volunteer for an organisation called Restart Project which I can help people fix their electronics and reduce ewaste.

I am also a member of Create Space in north-west London.

About me

I studied Materials Science in the University of Oxford and graduated in 2011. I've previously worked at a school as a high-school lab technician. I'm currently exploring ways in which my talents and interests in making can earn me a living. I think I'm really good at finding out why something isn't working and how to fix it. I love science and constantly learning something new. My brain sometimes forgets to turn off and I'm constantly coming up with new inventions (at the moment still on paper) and I hope with the hack space I'll be able to make some of these a reality. I want to hone my design and manufacturing skills and produce new and innovative products