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To be vetted by veterans


This is intended to be a starting point to not being dangerous in the workshop. By no means is it complete, official guidelines or a risk assessment - use common sense and read up and get training on any machines or tools which you use!



  • Don't store items in the walkways. They're marked with hazard tape on the floor.
  • Store stuff at a sensible height. Anything stored above head height probably shouldn't weigh more than 10kg

Machines and Power Tools

  • Use PPE appropriately.
  • When using machines that spin fast and send debris flying, it would be a very good idea to use eye protection
  • Make sure your clothes aren't loose and get stuck in machines.
  • Restrain any long hair
  • Check that your intended use of a machine isn't going to:
    • Break you or someone else
    • Break it
  • If you are repairing a machine, make sure the power is isolated unless absolutely necessary

Hand Tools

  • Only point sharp tools at things you want to be cut (i.e. not people)
  • Hardened steel is quite brittle - try not to hit things with tools made out of it (e.g. files, screwdrivers, dies)