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Nomadically challenged caravan dweller

Smartass Linux admin and network engineer capable of operating infratructure smoothly between dis-intangled instances of reality. Experinced with custom firmware hacking of embedded devices and motherboard / gpu bios images.

Reasonably comfortable with a soldering iron. Swapping about surface mount IC's off a random motherboard would not worry her. Was proficient with all the popular programming languages back in the late 90's. Has not learnt anything new code wise since then.

She is interested in learning more about amateur radio. With an interest in running long range data links. Courses and licensing would be bonus if possible. Otherwise just learning to not annoy anybody enough for them to check.

Is interested in taking up any work she is capable of. Has some severe health difficulties which makes reliability the result of rolling a D12 at any given moment. And as such has never been successful in gaining previous employment. So, no experience. Has no formal education, no qualifications and struggles with more than basic literacy and math. Is easily bored so would go insane over anything repetitive or menial within days at most. But is otherwise a smart cookie who loves to learn and can add an interesting dynamic to any evil geniuses inner circle.

Lifelong Magi and Occultist.
Dedicated to the paths of Thelema, Old-age magick and Bacon-mancy (Initiated by Danepack themselves)
Uncageable free spirit. She does as she pleases, if this is to your benefit or hindrence is purely a question of her will at the moment. Has a warriors heart and believes in honour, respect and nobility above all else. Would sooner perish by her own hand on her own terms then to betray her principles or submit to anybody else.

WARNING: Has social and communication skills so poor, that people will be singing songs of them as a warning to youngters for many generations to come. Severely allergic to web design, activists, hippies, new-agers, recycling and vegan food.

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet biltong sausage jerky beef meatloaf pancetta shoulder. Strip steak jowl pork t-bone, tenderloin bacon tri-tip frankfurter ground round pastrami. Tongue pork corned beef capicola pork belly sausage pastrami shankle venison flank frankfurter prosciutto drumstick hamburger rump. Pork chop shankle frankfurter chuck, ground round tail corned beef fatback leberkas tenderloin pastrami ham. Shoulder spare ribs ham, drumstick tenderloin chuck bacon pork belly prosciutto pig. Beef drumstick ribeye, pork loin hamburger spare ribs tri-tip ball tip capicola pork belly shoulder tongue shankle.

Items Required for future projects.

Items looking to group buy.

  • Tentacle Grape "Tentacle Grape is everything I love about hentai, but with a sweet grapey taste that makes it seem like everything's going to be okay."