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Hi my name is Robert Karpinski, I'm a 24 year old Electronic Engineering Graduate.


Tel: +44(0)7963065107


Twitter: @pinski1_

Other Places




Current Projects

  • Cupcake-o-Matic - A Makerbot Cupcake 3D printer that has upgraded electronics in the form of Sanguinololu control board with Marlin firmware installed. It also has been modified with an acrylic cantilever Z-axis.
  • IEEE Micromice - Two mice ideally capable of solving a 16x16 cell IEEE maze in the shortest time possible.
    • Stepper Mouse - Uses 3 Sharp range finders, two stepper motors and an Arduino to navigate the maze.
    • DC Gear motor Mouse - Uses 4 IR transmitter receiver pairs, two DC gear motors and an mBed with an optical mouse sensor providing positional feedback.
  • Home Automation - Focusing initially on distributed sensors communicating environmental data back to a base station/server.

Dormant Projects

  • Feather-Weight Combat Robot - A 12Kg combat robot with a pnematic flipper and two windscreen wiper motors for motion.
  • Ethernet Soundcard - Designed for use in a (student) radio station as a way of to reduce any wiring or interference.
  • Analogue Sound Desk - Also designed for a (student) radio station, aiming to be largely modular but simple to maintain.