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  1. Do not be on fire.
  2. Don't use tools unless you're sure you know how to do so safely. Read the instructions provided on this wiki.
  3. If you see someone working in an unsafe way, it's your duty to stop them and let them know.
  4. Don't defeat or hack safety features/equipment. This is for other people's safety as much as yours.
  5. If something is broken, fix it. If you can't fix it, let us know. If you're doing something major, ask the mailing list first.
  6. Do not treat the Hackspace like your home, it is a shared space. Sleeping anywhere on Hackspace property is forbidden. [link to sleeping policy]
  7. Members are entitled to one plastic storage box for personal items.
  8. Larger/more items may be allowed, but you must seek permission from the mailing list first. Items must be clearly labelled as yours, and with the date they will be removed by. [link to storage policy]
  9. Ask the mailing list before donating items to the space.
  10. Don't remove tools from the space without asking the mailing list first.
  11. It is your responsiblity to clean up after yourself before you leave the space. [link to cleanliness policy]
  12. Do not bring bikes into the space unless you are actively working on them.