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Note: This is a draft policy. Please don't edit it - suggest changes on the mailing list

The Hackspace has a number of subgroups, some of which are entitled to manage their own subset of the space.

Any group which either manages space within London Hackspace, or associates themselves with London Hackspace must abide by the following rules:

  1. The group should have a mailing list for general discussion which is publicly viewable and accessible to all London Hackspace members.
  2. The group, at the discretion of the mailing list and the Trustees, may be allocated dedicated space to provide facilities to all London Hackspace members, subject to reasonable access controls. Anything stored outside that space is subject to the normal storage policies.
  3. The right to manage space within London Hackspace doesn't entitle any member of a group to store personal items within that space without following storage procedures.
  4. Any physical space allocated to a group must be kept in reasonable condition with equipment being maintained and actively documented on the wiki.
  5. Any items owned by London Hackspace (including through a pledge) may not be removed from the space without prior request on the main mailing list. If items are on long-term loan, the owner should notify the mailing list before removing them.

If a group doesn't abide by these rules, it may lose its privileges and have physical space reassigned.