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  • Let prospective trustees know the requirements 1 week before the election (even if it's before the AGM)
  • Limit manifesto length (500 words, perhaps less)
    • Personally I dislike the word "manifesto", as it implies the trustees have a level of control over the proceedings of the space. It should just be information about them and their involvement with the space. --jonty
  • "None of the above" candidate was very confusing. Should be called "No other candidates", "no suitable candidate", or similar.
  • Ability for voters to change their vote up to the end of the election would be nice.
  • Ability to send out reminders to all eligible voters who haven't voted.
  • Perhaps further reduce the quorum (20%?) and instead ensure that sufficient reminders are sent out. This election was quite close to the quorum level, and having to run multiple elections is undesirable.