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Things I've created

I sometimes play SF0, a collaborative production game, and these are some of my task completions that have involved creating things:

World of Snorecraft - I created a Processing app that creates art while you sleep, based on accelerometer data from your phone.

Make it Soft - I cross-stitched a QR Code that led back to task when you scanned it.

Fun with food - I connected a Makey-Makey to some different types of food and then created a simple Cockney rhyming slang Scratch program.

My SF0 profile, where you can see my other task completions.

I have participated in NaArMaMo (National Art Making Month) twice so far, and intend to participate again in August 2014. The aim is to make one piece of art a day, and not care too much about the quality.

These are some of the things I've made during NaArMaMo:

Space Invader card - A pop up space invader card that has LED eyes.

Tetris necklace- Made of Fimo.

Other things I've made:

Space Invader mosaic

Glowing necklace, which uses a light dependent resistor.


Things I want to create:

Sundial for SF0: Sundial task.

Modify a camera for infrared: IR Modification of the Nikon 4300

I'm participating in NaArMaMo again this August, so planning to try to make a piece of art every day again.

Other interests include: alternate reality games, ambient intelligence, amiga, architecture, arduino, art, augmented reality, design, electronics, ergodic literature, ergonomics, experimental music, experimental travel, exploration, games, hci, human-computer interaction, interaction design, interface design, learning, linux, open source, oulipo, pervasive games, photography, psychogeography, ubiquitous computing, urban exploration, usability, user experience, user-centered design, ux, wearable computing, writing