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Is a biohacker also working on microcontroller and biolab automation projects. Is interesting in learning new fabrication techniques and tools.

contact email:

Stuff I made list

Video Microscopy

This is a video I made of the interior of a single cell dinoflagellate using a Samsung S2 cameraphone and a OMAX microscope from the Dinos in the biolab

Dinos in the biolab

2023-09-15 20-35.png

Bacteria Dividing (12hour time lapse)

Bacteria dividing under microscope with focus controlled by stepper

2023-09-15 20-32.png


MIG welded candlestick (done at the "One little girl and a can of gasoline" studio over in Clare street)

14916386623 efee0b9c8f k.jpg

This trolley was originally MIG welded from steel tube for transporting a laser, but it's now donated to the space in the PCB area.

16657280480 bd96e9d83c b.jpg

Biolab Equipment

I made a new keypad for this PCR machine (it works honest!);

16195448832 70d2841da3 k.jpg

For a while we had some bio-luminescent algae in the biolab, and this was their illumination box as they are photosynthetic algae

15178514288 b4db2555fb c.jpg

Algae Illuminator Lamp

Bio luminescent algeo require a "training" cycle of 12 hours of darkness, followed by 12 hours of light. They will then produce the maximum light output when agitated when in their "night time" phase. This is a device to optimally illuminate a flask of dinoflaggelates using an arduino controlled led lamp array.

Biobot data logger and IRC bot

Biobot is a raspberry pi based data logger and IRC bot.

you can talk to it in #london-biohackers on freenode

Biohacker microscope

This is a project to create a cheap mount for mobile phone cameras, and to transmit the live image using an android app to a desktop computer;

Inverted microscope

A proof of concept of a cheap researcher microscope in an inverted configuration using a makerbeam frame system;

Nasal flow data logger

A simple device to measure the relative left/right nasal flow using an arduino and differential air pressure component.

Shaker Platform

many techniques for culturing microbes benefit from continuous agitation. This is a project to build a shaker platform out of readily available parts and drive the mechanism using the plate turner in a microwave over.

OD600 handheld unit

This is a project to create a cheap hand held unit to determine the OD600 level of a biological sample. Typically this is used for determining mid-log phase of bacterial growth in molecular biology.

I'd also like to resin cast some calibration blocks, so I can compare between equipment in a standard way;

Laser Cutting

3d printed pi case from design on instructables

14655455469 0e2d12dd10 b.jpg

Lab Automation

I made a automatic pipettor with a stepper motor, the linear bearing was done on the 3-in-one lathe {{#ev:youtube|pEgEQ2Acyv8}}

Automated Pipettor for robot arm

The hackspace has a staubli robot arm. This is a project to create a automated pipettor driven by a stepper motor

We have some components that can be used to improve this