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1. Personal Items Are Left In The Space At Your Own Risk

Keep an eye on your laptop, mobile, etc. Thefts are rare, but they do happen.

LHS members generally do their best to respect everyone else's property, However, this is a hackspace. As such it contains many hackable items and your project items might look useful to someone else. Therefore, keep an eye on your stuff.

2. Member Boxes

Members in good standing are only allowed to keep personal items in an LHS provided storage box in the designated storage area without asking permission.

Please don't stretch the point by leaving things anywhere else. See note A.

3. Temporary Storage of Project Items

Fill out a 'Do Not Hack' notice completely and make sure it is securely attached. DNH notices often fall off so keep an eye on your stuff. Put on more than one DNH if your items might become separated.

Your stuff may get in someone else's way. Expect it to be moved around (where applicable). This may knock off a loose DNH notice, so be warned and see Note A.

You MUST ask permission on the list to leave larger items anywhere on the premises including the car park. No exceptions.

If you need to extend the storage time, then you must ask permission on the list. No exceptions.

Note A

Unmarked items may be moved to the 3 week bin, upstairs if downstairs/downstairs if upstairs, into someone else's project, in the bin or off the premises entirely. It doesn't matter that you said you put a DNH notice on it. KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR STUFF. Contact the list if in doubt, but use your own judgment whilst remembering that this is a shared space.