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Lawyer, sketch addict, sniper, lecturer, explorer, soldier of fortune, author and recovering academic.

Actually, his real name is Chris.

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Born in deepest, darkest Central Europe at some point in the mid–1980s, Chris von Csefalvay has spent way too much time travelling the world and now hides himself in his riverside London flat with a near constant expression of ennui and a glass of something cold. Having miraculously survived a heavily German-influenced schooling with more or less of his brain intact, he went on to study law at University College, Oxford, where he surprised his teachers and peers alike with not merely graduating without getting a nervous breakdown and/or getting arrested for war crimes but also graduating top of his class with a first class degree in jurisprudence and a handful of prizes. Currently, Chris is working in the legal services industry in the City of London.


Header text Header text
13/10/2012 Laser cutter qualified!
10/10/2012 Bought first Arduino
01/20/2012 Joined London backspace
2009 - 2012 Trying, and failing, to learn PHP and Ruby
2010 Discovers Latex. Soon after: expands vocabulary of expletives
2008 Discovers CSS
2000 First website
1995 First own computer: a 166MHz with 32MB RAM and a whole gig of hard disk space!

Interests in the hacking field

Skill Interest  Competence
Design and physical art  XXXOO XXXOO
General electronics XXXXX XXOOO
Web programming  XXXOO XXOOO


Website - [1]

Google+ - [2]

facebook - [3]

e-mail - chris at chris von csefalvay dot com