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Hi! I'm Ravi. I'm a prospective Elec Eng student at Imperial College, fresh out of Secondary School.

I'm interested in Electronic Hardware, and love to do Art Projects on the side.

Email me at or Call at 0797 292 0487.

What I'm working on

  • An Arduino based golf putting game, for my uncle.
  • Trying to jump into the basics of code. Lessons in C would be much appreciated!
  • Trying to fill up a sketchbook of art. Currently very behind schedule.

Stuff I've done

  • Finished Electronics A Level coursework in June '14. It's a basic colour sensor, outputting a voice recording. All based around a GENIE microcontroller (amateur, I know) and a voice control chip used in answering machines.
My Colour Wand Project
A photograph of the final circuit.
  • An ink sketch of this loveable fellow.
Sketch of WALL-E
An ink sketch of WALL-E drawn Feb '14.