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Someone who has always been passionate about technology, with multidisciplinary background. Have worked for the past ten years or so a researcher in security/cryptography in various research organisation in academia and industry including Ericsson and Microsoft research. Involved in Cloud computing and Big data. Interested in electronics, robotics and biohacking.Third party verified classification as "UAV addict". Owner/tinkerer of multiple AP platforms including APM(multiple version), Gluonpilot, Forebrain+Ceraphim , MP32F4 + NAVI, MK, UBD4, Multiwii and FY90Q. Have two quads, one hexa, one fixed wing and rover platform in action. Currently in the process of continous knowledge aquisition (past linear phase) in areas related to UAV from folks from ardupilot/copter and UDB developer community.