Wood Shop General Consumables

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List of wood shop general consumables. Note these are in addition to machine-specific consumables listed with their equipment pages.

Wherever possible please buy replacements from the same manufacturer/ retailer as listed in the table below - they've all been tested so we know they're good, and restock identical parts keeps people's projects consistent. Although clearly alternative suppliers will need to be found over time.

Note the first cell of each table 'ChkBx' is empty, such that this page can be printed and used as a physical checklist if desired during a stocktake

ChkBx Item Preferred Seller
Woodscrew Countersunk-4x25-YZP Screwfix
Woodscrew Countersunk-4x30-YZP Screwfix
Woodscrew Countersunk-4x35-YZP Screwfix
Woodscrew Countersunk-4x35-YZP Screwfix
Woodscrew Countersunk-4x40-YZP Screwfix
Woodscrew Countersunk-4x50-YZP Screwfix
Woodscrew Countersunk-5x60-YZP Screwfix
Woodscrew Countersunk-5x70-YZP Screwfix
Woodscrew Countersunk-5x80-YZP Screwfix
Woodscrew Countersunk-5x100-YZP Screwfix
Self-Tapper Pan Head-#8x3/4"-Stainless Screwfix
Self-Tapper Pan Head-#8x1"-Stainless Screwfix
Self-Tapper Pan Head-#8x1.1/4"-Stainless Screwfix
Self-Tapper Pan Head-#8x1.1/2"-Stainless Screwfix
ChkBx Item Preferred Seller
Veneer Pin-1x15-Steel Screwfix
Veneer Pin-1x20-Steel Screwfix
Panel Pin-1.4x25-Steel Screwfix
Panel Pin-1.6x30-Steel Screwfix
Panel Pin-1.6x40-Steel Screwfix
Tool Accessories
ChkBx Item Preferred Seller
Twist Drill Bits 1-10mm Stock shared with metal shop
Forstner Bits TBC
Brad Point Bits TBC
Jigsaw Blades TBC
ChkBx Item Preferred Seller
Wood Glue Screwfix