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An Arduino workshop in progress


Information for our introductory workshops on Arduinos

To be held on the 27th and 28th August 2011. This course will be split into two days. Day 1 for the first hour or so will be a brief introduction to programming in C. After this we will start using the Arduino. Day 2 will be moving onto further projects with the Arduino.

If you already have experience programming then you only need to turn up after the morning session on Day 1 if you wish.

You will require an Arduino and components for the course. The recommended kit which has all the required components is Arduino Uno Starter Kit (Supplied by Earthshine Electronics). A discount on the kit price is available to LHS Members (you must have been a fully paid up member for at least 3 months to be eligible. Contact Mike for details).

Note that experience in programming will be expected so if you do not have that please ensure you attend the whole of Day 1.

The course will be hosted by Michael McRoberts, author of the book "Beginning Arduino"


There are 10 places available on the course, the costs is £50 per person. Either bring your own Arduino and components or purchase the kit above (note you will need the necessary components for the course, hence the kit is ideal. If you have your own already, then fine.)

To book a ticket go to "Arduino Workshop 5"

Note that bookings are only confirmed upon payment, i.e. if someone else pays and you don't they take priority.

Cancellations can only be accepted up to midnight on the 20th August 2011. After that your money is non-refundable.

Tickets Left

Booking Confirmed Paid Tickets Left
10 10 0


Introduction to Programming and Arduino - Saturday 27th August 2011 - 10:00 till 17:00

Further adventures with your Arduino - Sunday 28th August 2011 - 10:00 till 17:00


Laboratory 24.


A Beginners Programming and Arduino workshop.

Aimed at complete beginners in programming and electronics.

Student Preparation

  • Please bring a laptop.
  • Please install Arduino IDE before the course day. Please ensure the program works before attending (Load a sketch and compile the code. Email Mike if you need help with this).
  • I REPEAT: Please install Arduino IDE before the course day. Please ensure the program works before attending (Load a sketch and compile the code. Email Mike if you need help with this).

Provisional Timetable

Saturday 27th August

Introduction to Programming and Arduino

This will be a brief introduction to programming, specifically the C programming language. This is a quick introduction for complete beginners or as a refresher that haven't programmed for a while or not used C before.

C is a ubiquitous and versatile language, used for programming PCs and micro-controllers. The aim of this part of the day is to give you a basic understanding of programming and C, specifically the course will prepare you for the Arduino course after the first hour or so.

After the programming introduction we will dive right into the Arduino projects.

Sunday 28th August

Continuing adventures with an Arduino

A full day dedicated to learning how the Arduino works and how to code for it as well as basic electronics theory.

Through the day you will learn about the features of the Arduino platform, and construct a variety of fun and interesting projects to examine the basics of it's operation.

Note. Programming experience will be assumed. If have no programming experience or are unsure of programming in C, please attend the "Introduction to Programming and C" which will be held on the Saturday morning. If you are a confident developer then you may skip this bit and turn up a little bit later on Saturday for the Arduino projects section.

For who?

Anyone! Aimed at complete beginners in both programming and electronics.

By who?


  • Refreshments will be provided but please bring food for lunch. There are numerous cafes nearby if you want to eat out.
  • We will start promptly at 10:00am if you are there or not so if you don't want to miss anything get there on time. Mike will be at the Hackspace from approx 8am so you are welcome to arrive any time after that. You are also welcome to stay at the space after 17:00 if you wish to chat or continue with your projects or just take a look around the space.
  • Installation of the IDE prior to arriving on the Saturday is necessary to prevent time wasting. Make sure it is fully installed and running (upload a sketch). We will not sit around waiting for someone to install the IDE so do it before you arrive.
  • The recommended kit is the Arduino Uno Starter Kit from Earthshine Electronics ( Please make sure you order your kit at least 2 weeks prior to the course date to allow delivery time.