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I(Lester) seem to have volunteered to run an "intro to bookbinding" class once I lend my book-press to the Space. I could talk a bit about repair and show a few examples if people would like - at the end, after everyone's done their scratchbuild. Due to my limited energy, the large requirements for clean space, and having only one press I would not like to attempt to teach more than six people.

Mike (earthshine) and Adrian (artag) have expressed interest in repairs, so I will discuss them at the end, but I think it might be difficult to do a "practical" on this.


This will take a long afternoon and you will leave with a small notebook.

The date for the first session has been set to Sunday 24th April starting at 2PM.

SamLR, Billy, Clare, George, Frank C confirmed OK. Slot held for Katie Sutton (soon to confirm), so all spaces FULL.

Due to popular demand there will be at least one more class if Lester can make this one a success! Earthshine, Artag, Matt P, Dakkar, Eithin, Mark Stanhope all expressed interest so the next one will be scheduled to suit as many as possible.


I will need about £5 for materials to make sure I can get a consistent supply of good quality ones that will be easy to work with. It is possible to make books much more cheaply, but hard for me to run a class where everyone struggles with buckling boards, recalcitrant thread and glue-permeated endpapers! More cost details to follow.

Level of preparedness

  • Lester has lugged the bookpress to the space. (It is not THAT heavy but is quite unwieldy, please take care when moving)
  • Lester still needs to make pinch boards and find materials.