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Briar is an open source project to develop secure communication tools for people living in authoritarian societies. We're writing Android and Java apps that people can use to build encrypted networks based on their real-world trust relationships. The protocols are designed to operate online (using P2P connections between users) or offline (using Bluetooth, WiFi and even USB sticks), to route around internet censorship and survive communication blackouts.

On 29 June 2012 we'll be holding an all-day hackathon at London Hackspace. If you're curious about Briar, want to check out the existing code, or have some ideas to contribute, please come along! The event is free and food will be provided.

Please email michael at briarproject dot org if you have any questions.

What to Bring

If you're planning to write code, please bring a laptop with Java and Eclipse installed. If you're interested in mobile development you should also install the Android SDK.

If you're not planning to write code, just bring your brain and whatever else you use for thinking. Designers, writers, translators and potential users are very welcome!

Where and When

London Hackspace, Unit 24, Cremer Business Centre, 37 Cremer Street, London E2 8HD.

Friday 29 June 2012, 10am - 8pm (drop in any time).

If you're not a hackspace member, just ring the doorbell and come through to the quiet room, which is directly in front of you as you come through the door.

Hacking Suggestions

  • Write an Android app that makes it simple to exchange encryption keys face-to-face
  • Write a Java library to strip metadata from photos and videos
  • Develop user interface concepts for anonymous and pseudonymous messaging
  • Write a plugin to transport data using your favourite communication channel (handheld radios, dialup modems, carrier pigeons, etc)
  • Write a plugin to transport data using your favourite web service (Flickr, Dropbox, Gmail, etc)
  • Think of ways censors could detect, disrupt or monitor Briar networks
  • Hack on Silvertunnel, the library we're using to tunnel Briar connections through Tor
  • Design a protocol for delay-tolerant collaborative editing
  • Check out, compile and explore the existing codebase
  • I want a pony!