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This page is for the proposed workshop, Hypnosis 101 and for further reading and information see the Hypnosis landing page here for general documentation related to hypnosis but not deeply tied to the workshop.

Hypnosis 101

I propose a workshop that teaches enough about hypnosis so that the following will have been achieved.

  • Hypnotise yourself
  • Become an operator
  • and have some fun!

If any slides are used, they will be attached here to this page.

I don't know if we will record it, but if people agree, that would be a great idea as I feel that it can be shared more widely.

Who is this workshop for

Anyone interested in Hypnosis.

Do I need to know hypnosis


What if I do know hypnosis already

Brilliant, come along and share your skills with the rest of the group. You might even learn something, at the very least have fun showing other people how to go into hypnosis.

Hypnotise yourself

This segment will teach you techniques to place yourself into hypnosis, this is useful for many reasons including relaxation and focusing on specific tasks but enables you to take other people into hypnosis more effectively as you will know it intimately.

Become an operator

Learn how to show other people how to explore hypnosis, give directions and be able to watch for responses and understand that "all hypnosis is self hypnosis".

Have some fun

Hypnosis can be mind-blowing, it offers access to resources that really weren't normally there for most people. Being able to choose memories that you want to remember more clearly, change large pieces of your personality, explore generating feelings in the body like being drunk, experience absolutely anything you can dream up.


Hypnosis is quite strange, in as much as, often times you will say things that just come out of nowhere yet mean nothing to you and profound to the client, I don't know why this happens some believe that there is a lot of non-verbal communication that takes place and you can more easily read each other while in hypnosis. Now, anyone having mean ideas of using hypnosis for ill gain, understand that whatever you do it will not be forgotten and you cannot make people do things they don't want to do.

Hypnosis is built upon trust and the client will know your intentions before you do.

What to expect

During the workshop, there will be talking, probably some slides and maybe video recording if everyone agrees. There will be a speaker talking, explaining ideas and giving live demo with volunteers from the audience followed by group activities giving the members a chance to try this out on eachother. Anyone already skilled in hypnosis, can have the opertunity of becoming a mentor during the workshop to help take people into hypnosis so they can experience it for themselves but it is not mandatory and it is entirely up to member.

Length of workshop

1 Day.

What next

I think in later workshops, learn how to do stage hypnosis, personal enjoyment and moving onto therapy.

How I got into Hypnosis

In case you are interested about me, a bit of a back-story about how I came about getting into hypnosis.

My own experience with hypnosis, started out as a child. My father had learnt some progressive relaxation and eye-fixation techniques from a book and ran with it - he hypnotised our neighbours, family and myself.

When my father had hypnotised me, I didn't know what to expect and didn't feel any different and came away from that not at all believing in hypnosis but did certainly see some interesting scenarios unfold when he was hypnotising people - so I thought maybe it works but it didn't work on me!

Many years later I had a really upsetting experience, someone I cared deeply for needed emotional support and after tons of research via google I found nothing at all that would be a quick fix and that caused me to turn to hypnosis to see if there were any answers there.

There were a lot of answers, lots of questions too, but it clearly seemed the most positive option available.

Through my experience with her, and her support of my learning hypnosis and letting me practise on her every night meant that I built up a lot of confidence and skill. For around 2 years, I was given permission to work with her and as time went on I started hypnotising other people and hearing about horrible things other people went through and all of this combined made me research more and experiment as much as I possibly could. I guess for some years I was quite an 'expert' on it, but I haven't been involved in it for around a year so by setting this workshop up I hope to share what I know but also hope to gain a fresh understanding and get involved in it again but with less ego.