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Welcome to Hypnosis 101, general talk about Hypnosis to give people time to arrive. Goals of this workshop. Make it clear this is about getting someone into hypnosis, all other avenues such as stage or therapy are not of any interest here - it is all one of the same thing as far as I'm concerned right now, The goal is to achieve entry into hypnosis with any means we have at hand. We also need to realise that Hypnosis can be anything at all, while it's probably reasonable to suggest that we all fall back onto the earlier stuff we learned, it's in our best interests to explore further and see what else we can achieve. Let's make up some inductions, make mistakes, re-invent the wheel at times.. Let's find out where this can take us.


Find a volunteer willing to take notes and ask he/she to write down a summary of answers to the following question: If I ask you what Hypnosis means to you, what is it that comes to your mind first? Once the summary is written, ask the same person to elaborate on their thoughts.


Demonstrate a quick demo of reasonably fast hypnosis, usually 30 seconds or faster - depending on my mood and compliance of the subject. Make it clear afterwards that while it make not have looked much, it is a condensed way of achieving the same as a more traditional way of illiciting trance. As seen in a moment once we start the next demo.


Do you have any questions relating to this last demonstration?


Time for a bigger demo - let us lay someone down on the floor or table - whichever the most clean. Followed by suggestions of confidence, hypnotic skill, reading people, lastly add in a self-hypnosis trigger.


Mention NLP, some practical ideas and uses - warn against becoming too eager to manipulate own feelings without trying to resolve life issues or whatever. Life is about feeling ups and downs to a point, feeling happy all the time has it's dangers.


Take a break


Welcome back 15 minutes Q&A to see if any questions have popped up during the break.


Get people organised ready for a group activity, the demo being related to the two finger closing induction that I don't know a name for. Demo it with a volunteer. 3:40 begin group activity. 20 minutes. Groups of 3 if possible, a,b,c.. A= hypnotist, B=Subject, C=vouyer. Rotate clockwise. 5 minutes each person.


Imagination Work with the group to explore sound, feeling, visual, imagination. Followed by speaking with each individual to seek out their current ability and explore that a little bit further to highlight the need to learn about each person as an individual as we are all quite the same but those subtle differences can be really confusing when trying to get someone into hypnosis.


Imagination, lets break open that small crack to reveal an alternative reality.


Quick demo, groups of 2, A and B. A talks about imagination, to see if B can be led into hypnosis. Followed by a swap over after 5 minutes.


General Q&A


Drink beer.