Workshops/Relief Printmaking

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To be formally proposed when I've finished my current printmaking project, and then built a small press.

About printmaking

  • The basics
  • Artistic rationale
  • What a finished block & a finished print look like
  • Other techniques - intaglio, drypoint, monotype

Preparing an image

  • Basics of design for relief work (only covering monochrome here)
  • Digital manipulation to turn photos into suitable designs, using GIMP/Inkscape
  • Transferring the image to the block


  • Introduction to carving tools
  • Woodcut
  • Linocut
  • Vinyl cut
  • Laser cutter use


  • Introduction to inks (including acrylic paint), tools & art paper
  • Hand printing, with baren/spoon/stone/found objects
  • Printing with a screw press
  • Drying your work