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Based on the discussions on the mailing list, there is a desire for a welding workshop, to both approve people for use of the welding equipment, but also, to provide an ample level of training for those who don't know how to weld.

The workshops will be over a number of weeks and cover:

  • Basic safety and theory
  • Striking and sustaining a weld
  • Laying a continuous bead
  • Flat welding
  • Horizontal welding
  • Vertical welding
  • Overhead welding
  • Joint design

For people who know how to weld and who only want to be able to demonstrate their competency, then only attending the first session should be required.

The workshops will be free to attend, however, we may have to cap the maximum number of people at around 15.

It's hoped that the people who attend all of the workshops will in turn be willing to give training to other hackspace members in future without the need to bring in an external trainer again.

The workshops will be arranged for a weekday evening and will last approximately 2 - 2.5 hours a session. Date TBC.