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Hack the Media workshops

A proposed series of practical workshops on DIY video media.

Future workshops:

  • techniques and technologies for better use of the tools in your pocket for video journalism. Mobile phone steady cameras, how to plug an external mic in a mobile phone, better camera apps etc...
  • video CMS hack day, liferay, JWplayer, and open-source video/conversation embedding widgets.
  • Geek film screening, what makes a good geek film?
  • repairing/fixing video equipment.
  • Opensource video editing tools.
  • The solar vagabond. Move your office to a beach or mountain-top far away from the power lines and keep connected.

List open to suggestions and comments.

Please add your name on the workshop list if you're interested, add questions and comments on the mailing list!

If you want to come present your project or a workshop during a Hack The Media please contact User:Marcbarto

Solar Panel Workshop - Friday 17th February 2012

"The solar vagabond": Move your office to a beach or mountain-top far away from the power lines and keep connected. Hamish has been testing and working with solar tech for years and will do a presentation of new and old toys. With advice on which gear to buy/not buy for your laptop/mobile.

Report on event: 1st POST-MOZFEST HACK THE MEDIA MEET-UP on 14th November 2011 6.30pm

The plan was to build on the energy and projects started at the Mozilla Festival and for participants to show what they've done or get involved in exciting projects. During our meet-up we had great chats and presentations, notably by Peter Ross from the Micro-donations website Flattr and SamTheTechie showed us on the screen how the anti-kettling mobile app Sukey works and what are the next planned updates. Other presentations by Morris of his Hypnosis experiences and Valeria on the Femme Fatale event.

As for "building on the momentum" we already have one meetup schedule next Monday 21th Nov at 6.30pm at Hackspace on the open source software Webcam Studio. More info on these talks:

Flattr > [1] Sukey > [2] Webcam Studio > [3]

Join the community, get informed: follow @hackthemedia ton twitter > [4]

Previous session:

How to document your project using 20 stills images and a scripted voice over, with Animoto as a Webtool. Bring a laptop if you can.

Date: Monday 12 September 2011 6.30pm

Watch the videos made by participants during the mobile phone report session ("how to make a journalistic video report with a mobile phone") here: