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‘The microsite is a polemical form to contest the essay’ is a workshop event bringing together website makers, designers and others to build simple, smart micro-sites. We aim to set up small sites, ideally in the space of a day, in teams or otherwise together.

Whilst political themes often make the most meaningful sites, anything goes. This is about experimenting with the microsite as a cultural form, for various reasons. We will also be bending online conventions, fiddling with graphics, troubling typographical orthodoxies and playing around.

It's a platform to make websites you wouldn't usually, with people you otherwise wouldn't, for things you care about but never get round to acting on.

The events are fairly freeform, but a good innings will typically last six hours. We have a simple process and enthusiastic bent which may assist you in taking a site from idea to production in the course of the day.

More on the general MicroSplash idea:

Contact: theabstractarts[at] (Matt Guy)



Sunday 6th January 2013 2-6pm, in the quiet room.

Websites like street art or pamphlets. Varied folk gather, discuss ideas, team up and create novel, surreal, pointed and other kinds of sites, then watch the worldly ripples. We hope to finish simple sites on the day.